Technology at St. George's

Technology is integrated into the instructional process at St. George’s to enhance teaching and learning, always keeping curricular goals at the forefront. From kindergarten through fifth grade students use either classroom computers or wireless laptops from mobile carts throughout their academic day. iPads are also utilized throughout the Lower Schools. Beginning in sixth grade, students each have their own laptops, which provides them “anytime, anywhere access” at the Collierville campus.

The focus of our academic program is on the interdisciplinary model of instruction, fostering 21st century skills, and the technology that is present provides a framework of support to help students to become lifelong learners. While the technology itself is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, it is integrated and utilized with the focus on curricular goals. The use of technology provides opportunities for student–centered learning in ways that foster engagment and deep understanding, allowing for differentiation of instruction in ways that best meet our educational goals.

Teachers and students use projection systems and interactive whiteboards to facilitate discussion and share ideas. Students huddle around laptops sharing ideas, debating viewpoints, researching topics, and synthesizing information. The utilization of mobile carts of iPads additionally enhance the educational process and engage the students in active learning activities, providing a blended learning envionment.

Technology at St. George’s provides the framework for authentic, real–world educational opportunities that guide students to a successful future—a future that involves challenge–based, collaborative activities in a globally–connected world.

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Lower School Responsible Use Agreement

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