Communications at SGIS

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In order to cut down on wasteful use of paper and to model the effective use of technology to our students, St. George’s frequently uses electronic communication. Parents are reminded and encouraged to use the school website to regularly access up-to-date information, including calendar information and homework/tests on the teacher web pages.

For specifics on teacher/parent communication or coach/parent communication, please see the SGIS Family Handbook, available on the parent portals.

General School Communication
General school news is communicated via St. George’s Enews (weekly email updates), the school website, phone calls, occasional mailings, and communication from student to home.  For families at the Memphis campus, selected information is sent home in the Dragon Express envelope on Wednesdays.  To communicate information to the school community, please follow these steps:

  1. Administrative approval of events/programs: coordinate with and gain approval for any event/program with the appropriate faculty member(s) and administrator(s).
  2. Parents Association: if the communication is related to the Parents Association, gain approval through the Development Office’s Parents Association Liaison.
  3. Website: contact the Communications Office to have an item posted on the school’s website. Please note that website submissions are subject to administrative approval and may be edited for clarity or grammatical accuracy.
  4. Enews: complete the online Enews submission form, found on the school’s website, by the appropriate deadline in order to have an item posted on the weekly Enews.  Please note that Enews submissions are subject to administrative approval and may be edited for clarity or grammatical accuracy.
  5. Other communication vehicles:  contact the Communications Office for information about other communications vehicles such as newsletters, periodic e-blasts, mailings, and calling post.  The Communications Office can direct you to the appropriate campus staff member.
Communication of Non-School Related Information:
Requests to distribute information from those outside school will be considered on an individual basis. We desire to pass along information that our families would appreciate receiving.  In addition, we will try to include material that benefits community efforts and non-profit, charitable entities, particularly those in which our families and students are active.  We will not include materials advertising for-profit events and businesses.  The school will notify parents of non-public information through the communication methods outlined below, and flyers/brochures will be kept in the school reception area for parents to take, if interested.

Approval of School Related Communications and Logo Use
Items incorporating the school name and/or school logo(s) or communicating school-related information must be seen and approved by the school’s Communications Office before production. This includes letters, flyers, notices, publications, T-shirts, spirit store products, and uniforms created by faculty, staff, parents, or students.  See the logo usage web page for more information.

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